Can I Use Regular Shampoo On My Baby?

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Why don’t babies come with an instruction manual? A manual that says “how to take care of your baby!” That would seriously make our worries fade. For most of the new mothers, the main dilemma is when to bathe the baby for the first time and how to shampoo the baby’s hair. With numerous products available the confusion increases and most mothers end up choosing the wrong products for their babies or using regular shampoo on a baby.

Which Shampoo on Baby Works Great?

There is no shortage of baby and mother products in the market. So, the responsibility of choosing the right one falls on us. The three major points to look after while purchasing baby shampoo are the fragrances, the chemicals, and most importantly “the no-tear formula” as there are many disadvantages of having regular shampoo on a baby.

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  • Fragrances

Fragrances are the result of using chemicals. Some of these chemicals might cause irritation and rashes on the baby’s sensitive scalp. So, it is always necessary to do a patch test on the baby’s skin before applying it.

  • Chemicals

Baby shampoo should always be free from harsh sulfates and parabens. Generally, these chemicals are used in regular shampoos for adults. That is also why regular shampoos are not recommended for baby’s scalp.

  • Tear-Free Formula

If the shampoo you are using for your baby doesn’t claim to be “tear-free” you should not use it because if it managed to contact the baby’s eyes it will immediately irritate. Thus you should scrap it off or be more careful around its eyes.

Regular v/s Baby Shampoo:

  • The regular shampoos have a lot of harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens plus high pH which are good cleansing agents for adult scalps. This might be the major disadvantage of having a regular shampoo on newborns as such cleansers may irritate the baby’s scalp.
  • The reason why such chemicals are used in regular shampoos is the exposure of adults to pollution and dust. Newborn or infants are not much exposed so they don’t need regular shampoo on their scalp. The regular shampoo produces much lather to clean good while baby shampoos are as transparent as water and as mild as it and there are many cons of buying regular shampoo on a baby.
  • Another difference is scents. While adults are used to fragrances infants are allergic to perfumes and thus baby shampoo contains no scent.
  • The major con of buying regular shampoo on the baby may be the no no-tear formula. Baby shampoos are made with mild cleansing agents and thus not irritate if come in touch with its eyes. While this doesn’t happen in the case of the former.

Our young ones are very tender thus need the best of care. Thus, we must be careful with every product we use on them.