Can I Use The Horse Shampoo As My Regular Shampoo


You might have used shampoo for your hairs. There are different varieties of shampoo available in the market each one has their specifications. Shampoos are available according to the different quality of hair like for rough hairs smoothing shampoo is available and much more according to the hair. Like shampoo for human hairs, shampoos are available for the horse. These shampoos have much more quality ingredients compared to shampoos use by humans. Now if you question if this has much more quality ingredients can it be better having horse shampoo instead of the regular shampoo. The answer to this will be covered in the below points.

Why you can have horse shampoo?

The reason why you can have horse shampoo is its ingredients. Horse hairs look smoother, shiner and thick because of ingredients in the shampoo. If you want to have these qualities in your hairs, you can have this shampoo. Horse shampoo has the following ingredients: –

  • Protein

All human hairs have protein in it but it gets wiped when you use different beauty material in your hairs. So horse shampoo has this feature to nourish your hair with that protein.

hair growth

  • Oil

 Some hairs have the quality of dryness so this shampoo will nourish your hairs with required oils.

  • Vitamin

Horse shampoo has vitamin B-5 which helps your hair to retain your hair shaft in retaining it moisturized condition.

Benefits of horse shampoo

All things you use have some pros and cons.  So below points discuss the pros of using the horse shampoo:

  • Hair growth

If your hair growth is stopped then there is the deficiency of some acid which use for hair growth. Horse shampoo has those acids which will help you for your hair growth.

  • Shiny hairs

If you want your hairs to look shiner like horsehairs then you can use this shampoo as it has different types of oils which make your hairs look shiner.

  • Hair thickness

If your hairs are thin and you want your hairs should be thick. Then there is no such shampoo available but this shampoo makes your hairs look thick due to its cleaning effect.

  • Unequal hair ends

If your hair has an unequal end and you have to have your hairs get cut in regular interval this shampoo might solve the problem. Once you get your hairs cut, can apply this and you will see the results.


If you want your hair should have the qualities like a horse, then using the horse shampoo as the regular shampoo is recommended for you.