How To Support Children’s Learning At Home?


Children go through different phases in their childhood and a very important phase in their lives in learning and development. As parents, it should be your obligation to be the first teacher of your child. Though children go to preschools and schools for learning and education, their learning should never be stopped once they come back to their homes. The real learning begins at home, and for their better growth and development and learning, parents must take certain steps in supporting children’s learning at home.

There are many ways to help keep child’s learning at home. Some of the ways are given below-

Form a partnership with your child’s school teacher

When your child is of school-going age, you should meet with your child’s teacher and form a connection with them to be equally involved in the child’s learning process for optimum development. This will help you to understand your child’s weaknesses and strengths and formulate better learning at home.

Support their academics

For children’s healthy self-confidence and self-esteem, they must perform well in their academics and studies. This will improve their personality greatly. Ensure that the child’s homework is complete, revising what is taught in school every day, and hires a tutor if needed. Concentrating on your child’s studies at home is one of the best ways to help keep a child’s learning at home.

Talk to your children

As parents, you should always have an open and friendly relationship with your child. This will give them a chance to speak freely about how they feel and the things they lack. Do not criticize them on their mistakes, but help them learn and correct those mistakes. Create a healthy and friendly atmosphere in your home that will allow them to truly learn and grow, not just academically, but also as individuals.


Monitor their leisure activities

When your child is at home, you should monitor the activities they are doing in their free time. Ensure that they develop healthy habits and participate more in outdoor activities to keep their mind and body fit. Limit their time watching television and playing video games. Reading, sports, coloring, and painting are some creative and good ways to promote their learning.

It would help if you encouraged your child to be more responsible and perform the tasks individually so that he can become self-reliant. Also it will be supporting children’s learning at home and encourage active learning at home.